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Wilburn School - Dist. No. Jnt-1

The Wilburn school served a joint district in Meade and Ford Counties. The school itself was located in Ford County but many families connected to Fowler in Meade County used this school.

This map shows what sections made up the original school district in 1886. School district boundaries sometimes changed over the years to accommodate families with children.



The town of Wilburn was established in 1885, on the banks of Crooked Creek just one quarter mile north of the Ford County-Meade County line. One year later there was a school established south of the town. The original school had been a modest, incomplete structure with a dirt floor, no desks, only benches for the students. But soon a new school house was built.

Wilburn as a town saw it's demise when the railroads came through the territory and went south through Fowler. The school continued to exist, however, as a rural school through 1946. The Wilburn Schoolhouse served as an educational, social, and community center for box suppers, literary programs, election day polling, and, during the depression, a meeting place for AAA and governmental programs. After World War II, because of school consolidation, the schoolhouse was torn down.

There are some gaps in the records, but the following is a list of the teachers who taught at Wilburn and the years they taught, arranged by year:


Brown, Willet 1886   Cavner, Mary 1920-21
Warmoth, M S 1886   Rexroad, Ruth  1921-22
Lambert, D A  1890   Walton, Grace E  1922-23
White, Stella 1891-93   Lesher, Avis 1923-24
Kelly, J W 1893-94   Shortner, Mildred  1924-26
Doolittle, Hattie 1894   Weaver, John 1926-27
Strieby, Clara 1913-14   Waters, Helen  1927-28
Moody, May E. 1914-15   Coon, Geraldine 1928-30
Haywood, Nettie 1915-17   Barragree, Murrel  1930-31
Younger, Paul 1916-17   Nelson, Elizabeth 1931-34
Garr, Edith 1916-17   Hildebrand, Ruth 1934-35
Younger, Paul 1917-18   Wallace,Vivian 1935-36
Dewey, Nellie  1917-18   Kissel, Oneita  1936-38
Garr, Edith 1916-17   McBee , Eldon 1938-40
Younger, Paul P 1916-18   Flanagan, Louise 1940-41
Dalgran, Nelle  1918-19   Carttar, Mary  1941-42
Dalgran, Margaret  1919-20   Bergkamp, Dorothy  1942-43
      Mundhenke, Ivy 1943-46

There is a database of the students who attended this school at the Meade County Historical Museum... some of the surnames were: Anton, Austin, Batman, Blanchett, Botkin, Cornelsen, Creamer, Dowell, Dunn, Francis, Fravel, Friesen, Gerber, Grogan, Hamar, Jantz, Kissel, Kroeker, Laws, Little, Long, McBee, Milford, Mingus, Morrison, Newell, Rarden, Reese, Rexford, Schlichting,  Simerl, Stonehouse, VanRiper, Wakeman, Wisdom, Wood, Wright, Wussow, and Wysong.



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