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Valley Grove School - District #22 - Sand Creek Township
a.k.a. Minerva School

Valley Grove School in 1904. Winnie Thompson, Ethel Wilson, Marie Wilson, Perry Wilson, Andrew Wilson, Nellie Thompson, Magie Smith (teacher?), Etna Thompson, Frank Hodson.


The Valley Grove School was located in Sand Creek Township in the NE/4 of NE/4 of Sec. 25-T34-R27, on land owned by R.M. Painter. The school was organized May 15, 1886, and disorganized January 5, 1946... however there was no school at this location after 1932. The district became part of #77, then disorganized and became part of #79, and later consolidated with 226 Unified, and students were sent to Meade, Englewood and #26 (Sunny Dale.)


The map at right from the 1909 Meade County Plat Book shows how large the school district was (grey dotted line) and the location of the school. This was a sparsely populated area of Meade County in 1886.


The more modern map below shows the school in relation to roads and other schools in the area. To put it in perspective, Englewood is about 10 miles east of the county line on EE road.

Campbell Bertha  1890-91     Schaefer  Emma  1918-19
Campbell Nettie O. 1891-92     Basinger Rhoda 1919-20
Schmoker Ella  1892     Chambers  Faith  1920-21
Painter Carrie  1893     Bodle  Abbie  1921-22
Campbell Carrie  1893     Ross  Hazel  1922-23
Bayless Maude  1901     Basinger   Rhoda  1923-24
Painter Emily  1904-05     Staley  May  1924-25
Butler Gertrude  1905-06     Pinnick  Emily  1925-26
Glass Jay  1913-14     Ratzlaff  Bertha  1926-28
Snul Dorothy 1914-15     Ratzlaff  Norvella  1928-30
Hammond Vora S  1915-16     Bohling Josie 1930-32
Markley  Hetty Fay  1916-18          

We are missing the years of 1905-1915, so this list will be incomplete, but students (that we know of) who went to Valley Grove surnames are: Bohling, Booman, Dick, Gifford, Grover, Hall, Harrison, Hemphill, Hodson, Hulbert, Johannesn, Johnson, Kitchin, Klotz, Littig, McDermott, Miller, Oram, Painter, Pemberton, Pillsbury, Ratzlaff, Richardson, Sell, Taylor, Thompson, Tumar, VanDuesen, West, Wilson, and Windsor.



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