by Carolyn Meredith


Meade county was represented as part of the 293 exhibitors from 153 towns this last weekend in a beautiful setting in Wamego KS city park. The 26th annual Kansas Sampler Festival was held with 12,054 people attending the two day event that gives people a chance to see, do, hear, taste, buy, and learn what Kansas has to offer. Meade County was represented by Economic Development, Prairie Books, and the Meade County Historical Society and Dalton Gang Hideout. 

Each year the Kansas Sampler Festival gives a Wekan award to some person who promotes and preserves Kansas History and this year the award went to Nancy Ohnick of the Meade County Historical Society. 

 Those making the trip this year to promote Meade County were Rodger and Lila DeGarmo, Nancy Ohnick, Ladonna Meyers, Nancy and Norman Dye, Marc Ferguson, And Otis and Carolyn Meredith. Marci Penner and her Dad started the Sampler Festival as a means to show people that Kansas does have a lot to offer and each year it gets bigger. Next year it will be in Winfield, KS.


Rodger and Lila DeGarmo set up a booth for Meade County Economic Development, and give out information about Meade County and what there is to see and do.

LaDonna Meyers and Nancy Ohnick man the Prairie Books booth selling books about Meade County History.

Marc Ferguson is there mostly to perform with the history reinactors but often watches the Historical Society booth to give the others a break.

Pictured here: Otis Meredith, Norman and Nancy Dye. Norman and Nancy always dress up in period costume for the event.

We have enjoyed for years a booth that Rodger sets us made out of cedar fencing. It's very impressive, but very heavy and ... alas... this was it's last year. He's tired of carrying it around.

This year Nancy Ohnick won the festival's "We Kan" award for her contribution to Meade County History. Pictured here is Nancy and Marci Penner, Festival CEO



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