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Pleasant View or Merkle School - Dist. #32-33 - Crooked Creek Township

The picture at left has to be a very early shot of Pleasant View School in Dist. 33. On the back is written: "My first school - Ifa Jones." It was probably taken in the 1890's.

Pleasant View was located in the northeast corner of Section 16-T30-R28, just two miles south of the northern boundary of Meade County. It is often called the Merkle school as William Merkle owned much of the surrounding land and had seven children of his own going to this school.

District 32 and 33 were both formed in September of 1886, but Dist. 32 was disorganized in 1899 and made part of Dist. 33 which was active until it was disorganized January 5, 1946... a time of school consolidation.

A very early photo of Dist. #33, Pleasant View School. Note the wagon behind the building and the landscape around this school.
This cut from the 1909 Meade County Plat Book shows the location of Pleasant View School.

The dotted lines show the boundaries of this rather large school district.

This modern day map shows the location of the school in relation to other rural schools in the area.
Surnames of students that attended Pleasant View were: Brown, Bruington, Cope, Cunningham, Davis, Eacrett, Fisher, Forst, Hipp, Howell, Jantz, Johnson, Lampe, Little, Massie, McBee, Merkle, Miller, Nelson, Oden, Sefton, Shufelberger, Sinclair, Stillwell, Stoltz, Thiessen, Tice, Weller, and Wetmore.
Burford Luella   1886-91
Jenkins Sadie   1891
Ellis Clara 1892-93
Jenkins Sadie   1892
Bonham Winnie   1893-94
Sourbeer Nellie   1901-02
Williams Florence  1904-05
Mahan Bessie  1905-06
Granger Ola   1913-16
Cather   Beulah  1916-17
Holcomb  Lydia Grace 1917-19
Baker  Mrs. Fred 1919-21
Fletcher  Blanch Miller  1919-21
Salmon  Mary E.  1921-22
Horner  Olive L.  1922-24
Shufelberger Lucille  1924-25
Salmon  Anna  1926-28
McBee Hazel  1925-26
Veeder  Mrs. H M  1926-27
Weaver  John  1927-28
McBee  Basil  1928-29
McBee  Eldon  1929-29
Brown Eltha 1929-30
McBee  Helen  1930-32
Copenhaver Virlen 1932-33
Barragree  Murriel  1933-34
DeLong  Ruth  1934-36
Helsel  Lewis  1936-38
Ball  Evelyn  1938-39
Crown  Rachel  1940-42
Vogt  Anna  1942-43

Pleasant View as it would have appeared in the 1930s & 40s.

Pleasant View,

Spring of 1916



written on the back:

Girls of School District No. 33, 1926.

Rosemary Herrman, Teacher

(couldn't find a record of this teacher)


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