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Below is an index of photo collections posted to this site.

Each link will take you to a gallery of that subject.

If you have Old Meade County photos you would like to share, we would love to scan them and promptly return them to you.

If you would like a higher resolution of a particular photograph for publishing or genealogy purposes, we can provide them to you on disk for a small fee. Most photos are scanned at 300 dpi, but must be presented smaller on this site to save space..

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Early Meade  -  Early Fowler  -  Early Plains

Meade Schools

Meade City Park

Meade State Lake

F.M. Steele Photographs

Farming in Old Meade County



Download Instructions

To save a photo to your computer in Windows, right click on the full image (click on the thumbnail above to make the photo larger) and click on "save picture as" and name a destination on your hard drive. (If you do not name a destination it will most likely be place in your "my pictures" folder.) Click ok to download the image.

To save a photo to your Macintosh computer, First bring up the the full image (click on the thumbnail above to make the photo larger)... then you have two choices; Simply click and hold on the image and drag it to your desktop. or   Control click (or right click if your mouse allows) on the image and at the prompt that follows, select "Save Image to the Desktop".



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