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October 2012 

Greetings History Lovers!

Looking back I see that it has been about a year since my last newsletter. I always intend to do better, but I might as well not promise that anymore… just do what I can. It’s a good thing I have the blog on the website to jog my memory, so I can go back and list what has been added since last year!

Some things I have posted since last I wrote (these links will open a new page so you won’t loose your place):

·        Frances Elffner’s story “The Flood of 1955” Now here’s one many of us remember… it’s a great story.

·        I created a new Tab on the homepage of OMC… “CEMETERIES.”
We girls at the Museum created an Excel database on each of our cemeteries in Meade County, be they town or rural, and I have posted them on the website. In some cases I also have a map of the cemetery. This will prove very useful for people looking for long lost relatives, as we have “father, mother, spouse” listed when we know them. We also welcome any additions from those of you who look at these and have information we don’t.

·        The family history of Capt. R.M. Painter, one of Meade County’s more prominent citizens was posted in the Family Stories & Genealogy section.

·        “The Road to Freedom,” is a story written in 1916, by H.R. Walmsley, found in an old issue of “Recreation” magazine. I posted the section he wrote on Meade County, where he mentions several old timers and tells of a “time that was.”

·        My story of Bonnie & Clyde’s escapades in the Meade City Park is simply the news stories of the day, but it gives you a chance to read all the information first hand. I've had one story of Bill Brock's posted for quite awhile, but now I have all the news accounts in the Meade newspaper as well.

·        The Meade County Historical Society Newsletter was recently mailed and if you don’t get a copy you can find it posted on the Museum page of OMC.

I continue to add things to PrairieBooks.com that pertains to Meade County history. I have added an “art” section which hasn’t gone anywhere except on the “Note Cards” page where I have created note cards for sale of many old Meade County photographs. I had to do a lot of research for these as I put a little story on the back of each telling about the subject. You will get a little history if you just look through them, as I have the text as well as the pictures posted. We offer these for sale at the Museum in Meade also.

As for the book business, the typesetting of the old novel, Buell Hampton, by Willis George Emerson, is nearing completion. Emerson was the cashier of the The American Mortgage Trust Company in Meade, and wrote several novels. This book is considered one of his best ones, and it takes place in Meade. The story line is a little corny, and the language is a little “flowery,” but Buell Hampton contains a lot of Meade County history. The author tells in his preface which characters are real and which stories are written just as they happened in real life. I found some parts of it extremely interesting and some parts hilariously funny. I would love to be able to connect the characters with the “real” people. I created an e-book on CD with this one in PDF format, so you will need to read it on the computer or a tablet… or print it out on your own.

I continue to work at the Meade County Historical Museum surround by tons of Meade County history. A simple posting on the website can be the result of weeks of research, so I post new stories when I can… and work on them all the time.

Well... that's about it for now. I'll leave you with this thought to ponder....

“Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's
nut that held its ground.”

Catch you next time!

Nancy O







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