Join us for
Chuckwagon Theater

August 12, 2017

Dalton Gang Hideout Park
Meade Kansas

CHUCKWAGON - Starting at 6:00 PM

Norman Dye will be cooking up some burgers, beans and his world famous potatoes for an authentic Old West feast. Serving will begin at 6:00 pm. The cost will be $10.00 per person at the gate.

The admission to the melodrama is of course FREE.
There will also be popcorn and sodas for sale.


Once again the ol' Crooked Creek Theater comes to life with an Old West melodrama. Boo and hiss at the dastardly villains... cheer for the handsome hero...  and swoon at the lovely maidens, as local actors and actresses dawn their costumes and put on a darn good show!

2017 marks the eighth year for the “Way Out West off Broadway Players” to perform a melodrama. Check back closer to the show to get the scoop on the next play.

Way Out West off Broadway Players - 2015 Cast

bottom row l-r: George Lucas, Rebecca Orth, Sean Cross, Marc Ferguson
back row l-r: Carol Hewitt, Carol Salmon, Kat Market, Jose Loewen, Sven Market,
Alice Ferguson, Sherry Brown (not pictured, Eve Hailey)

Marc Ferguson is not only the Dalton Gang Hideout manager, but a history reenactor of state wide fame. Marc has been in every melodrama we have ever done and has a great deal of performance  experience. Marc is from Montezuma.

George Lucas is from Meade... a  self-employed contractor and part-time help at the Hideout. George is also a reenactor and a pretty darn good singer-guitar player. He has been in the melodramas for some time now.
Rebecca Cross is from Meade. This is the fourth year for Rebecca to perform in the melodrama. She is currently working as a child care provider in Meade.
Sean Cross is from Fowler. Sean has just completed training with the Army
Reserves. This is also Sean's forth year to perform.
Alice Ferguson is from Montezuma. Being Marc's wife she gets roped into every melodrama but she is a talented actress in her own right and always puts on a good show.
Carol Hewitt is from Meade and has an extensive background in drama, having been evolved in the schools system for many years. Carol is now owner of the Dusty Rose flower shop. She has been in most, if not all, of the melodramas and always makes us laugh!
Kat Market is from Fowler. This is her third year to perform in our melodrama, but she comes with lots of experience as she is the English and Forensics teacher at Fowler High School.
Sven Market is also from Fowler and this is his third year performing in our melodrama. Sven substitute teaches and is working on his masters in History.
Sherry Brown is from Montezuma. She has performed in many of our melodramas and always brings the house down with the characters she plays.
Carol Salmon is from Fowler. She has performed in many of our melodramas and always lends a little pazazz to the show.
Jose Loewen is from Meade. This is Jose's forth year for our melodrama and we can always count on him when we have a "kid part." That's because he is a kid, but he always does a great job.



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