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Longview School - District #7 - Sand Creek Township

This is a photo of Longview school as it stands today (2016) in Englewood where it was moved after the school closed. We have no old photos of the school.

Longview was in the extreme southeast corner of Meade County, just two miles west of the Clark County line and two miles north of  the Oklahoma Border. Englewood was the address of the officers and many of the students. The school was formed May 31, 1885, on Section 3-T35-R36 on land owned by Wolford Wyatt, and held school there until 1939. It was disorganized January 5, 1946, and became District 79 and was disorganized in 1950, then attached to Joint Union (Meade & Clark Counties) then 220 (Clark County.)

The school is sometimes referred to as Longview, sometimes Seminery.

Clearlake was also in District #7, but was said to be a different school, but maps show it in the same location. Many things are a mystery about this school.

Surnames of the students of District #7 over the years were: Brown, Butler, Cheney, Clarke, Cothran, Craig, Drake, Eichler, Fisher, Fox, Frame, Fullerton, Goodnight, Gregory, Harris, Hart, Haver, Hines, Hink, Horford, Hyatt, Jackson, Jantz, Johnston, Krider, Lacer, Lemmons, Littig, Maffit, Morris, Nelson, Norton, Orem, Parks, Parsons, Plaster, Scarbrough, Shackelford, Smith, Sturdy, Taylor, Thompson, Unruh, Walker, Wardlow, Williams, and Wyatt.


This clip from the 1909 Meade County Platt Book shows the location of the school and the boundaries of District #7. This is a modern-day map showing the location of the school.


Lane Alice 1890-91   Haver* Myrtle 1920-21
Smith Lizzie 1890-91   Goodnight Maude 1921-22
Graham Alice 1891   Demmitt Avis 1922-23
Smith Florence 1892-93   Sickels* Iva F 1923-25
Moffitt Lizzie 1893-94   Demmitt Avis 1925-26
Petefish Mrs. M.P. 1893-94   Dingess Mrs. Ruth 1926-27
Smith  Maggie  1902   Stamper Jamie K 1926-27
Painter Sue 1904-05   Heinz* Rose 1927-28
Pinnick Claude 1904-05   Mayberry* Velma 1927-28
Kargh Hilga 1905-06   Ratliff  * Bertha  1928-29
Gregory Mrs LL  ?   Connet* Bennet 1929-31
Cowan Margaret 1913-14   Vincent* Fern  1931-32
Snyder Gertrude 1914-15   Craig* Mary 1932-33
Cole John  1915-16   Haver* Opal 1933-34
Bryan Lillie 1917-18   Hinks Viola 1934-35
Goodnight* Maude 1918-19   Ricord* Lillie 1934-37
King* Iona M 1919-20   Craig* Frances  1937-39

*indicates Seminary teachers

Longview School
4th & 5th Grade - 1932

1. Willa Mae Harris
2.Dean Orem
3.Junior Taylor
4.Quentin Frame
5.Lester Butler
6.Clyde Littig
7.Berman Butler


There was a Public Auction held on Monday, July 22, 1946, for the purpose of selling the Longview school and all it's fixtures.

The schoolhouse was listed as 28 x 38 ft., also sold was a barn and 2 outdoor toilets, a merry-go-round, piano, furnace stove, teacher's desk and chair, 20 desks, sand table, dictionary and stand, Coleman lantern, bookcase and books, pump, 80 ft. of pipe and cylinder and other miscellaneous items..


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