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Highland School - District #9 - Fowler Township
aka: Randolph - Lickskillet

Highland School was organized March 16, 1886, and disorganized at the end of the term of 1938-39, at which time the school closed and the students were sent to Fowler. We don't know a lot about this school, it was well attended and stayed in the same location all through the years, but we do not have any photos of the school building. 

Highland was located four miles south and one mile east of Fowler in the NE/4 of the NW/4 of section 29-R26-T31

The photo above was from Jean Brownlee Easterday. Jean is the little girl marked "me" she also has marked her sisters Hazel, Mary, and Isabel Brownlee, as well as their teacher, Harry Orr. This photo was taken during the 1924-25 term.

The surnames of students attending through the years were: Bergkamp, Bowler, Boyd, Brownlee, Burchfield, Carson, Chambers, Fisher, Gruenbacher, Heinz, Hershen, Hill, Hinderliter, Hindman, Hoffman, Houser, Howell, Husleg, Kershen, Mahieu, Mertens, Pinnick, Seyfert, Steffan, Trober, Webb, Weber, Wenta, Wilson, and Young.

The map above, taken from the 1909 Meade County Platt book shows the district 9 school location.   This is a modern road map shows the Highland School location on road K, between roads 27 & 28, as well its location in relation to Fowler.
Last Name   First Name Years Taught
Innis John B. 1880's
Lynn J.A. 1889-90
Jenkins  Laura  1891-92
Maffitt Laura  1892-93
Palmer Mary   1893-94
White,  Stella   1894-95
Petefish Linna 1901-02
Erickson Rebecca  1904-05
Harvey Glenn  1913-14
Read Emilia   1914-15
Brown Ada  1915-16
Stimmel  Irwin  1916-17
Nicholson David  1917-18
Cain Ethel  1918-19
Orr Lura  1919-21
Orr Harry W.  1921-22
McBee Basil  1922-24
Orr Harry W.  1924-25
Holdeman Helen  1925-26
McBee  Hazel  1926-29
Copple Dorothy  1929-31
McBee Basil  1931-32
Lyon Katherine  1932-34
Kissel Oneita  1934-36
Brownlee Mary  1936-38
Lemons  Mary  1938-39






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