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The Heritage House

The Heritage House, built in 1900, by Mr. and Mrs. John Wehrle was located on the corner of Carthage Ave. and South Springlake St.

The house was a Sears and Roebuck house and was the first home in Meade to have indoor plumbing and electricity.

It was moved to the grounds of the Dalton Gang Hideout in 1969, and donated to various women's organizations and civic clubs of that day by Agnes Wehrle Todd, niece of Mr. & Mrs. Wehrle.

The gift was made with the thought in mind that the house be restored; that in doing so the decor remain the same style as when it was built, that it become a tourist attraction for Meade and also retain the style of architecture of that period for future generations.

Eventually the ownership and care of the house was transferred to the Meade County Historical Society. In the summer months it is open to the public and visitors to the Hideout and encouraged to tour this unique old home, still furnished as it was in 1900. The house consists of six rooms and an unfinished attic.

The old Wehrle home when it was located on the corner of Carthage Ave. & South Springlake.

These photos are inside the Heritage House furnished as it is today.
The Heritage House is very often in a sad state of repair simply because we no longer have civic groups that take on projects such as this.

The Historical Society maintains it, but it is usually on the bottom of the list as the group has other properties that take priority. Money is always an issue.

If you would like to help preserve this little piece of Meade County history, please visit our fund-raising page at: www.gofundme.com/the-heritage-house, and by all means... stop by and visit... you will be charmed.


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