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Dist #29 - Logan & Meade Center Townships
District #29 was organized in 1886, and disorganized  in 1899.  The map at left is from the 1909 Meade County Platt book with this school district shaded yellow. You can see what portions of this school district went to #2 and what went to #28 when it was disorganized.  To put this map in perspective, Meade is just a little over a mile from the west edge of Section 6; in fact, dist #2 quickly joined the Meade City district.

This school district did not have a schoolhouse, but met in someone's home.

We do not have a list of students for this district, but the names of the school board members were Hudson, Van Hoeson, Wright, and Roller.

As far as we know this school never had a name.


White, Stella - 1891
(it was noted: "failed and gave up her school")

Hudson, Jennie - 1991-93

Roller, Emma - 1893-94



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