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District #24 - Crooked Creek & Fowler Townships

This old 1886 map clearly shows a Dist. #24 school in the NW/4 of Sec 15-T30-R27, the green dotted line indicates the school district.

This school was established in 1885, two miles north of the town of Pearlette. It was said to have been disorganized in 1899, but we have a teacher listed in 1904. It eventually became part of District #37, but disappeared early on in Meade County history.

This cut of the 1909 Meade County Plat Book does not even show the school or District 24.
This cut of a modern-day map shows the school and the town of Pearlette in relation to Fowler and other schools in the area.


Burford, Louella - 1886
Peterson - 1892
Padgett, Cordy - 1892
Taylor, Laura - 1893
Martin, Kate - 1893

We do not have a list of the students who attended this school, however, the officers names were Clark, Vick, Strader and Jobling. The schoolhouse was on J.C. Clark land. This school may have been a sod house.


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