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District #11 - West Plains and Mead Center Townships

The section below was taken out of a 1886 Meade County Map, it clearly shows District 11, which only lasted for a short while. It was first formed March 14, 1886, and apparently disorganized December 18, 1897. By the time the 1909 Plat Book was published the whole area was part of School District 15. (see excerpt from Plat Map below) This school may have met in someone's home... we have no record, pictures, etc. of a school building.



We do have the name of some of the teachers who taught at District #11: Nora B. Knott in 1886, Charles Stevens in 1892, and Mary Wilson in 1893... two other names are mentioned with no dates they are Mary Painter and Hattie Estes.

We do not have a list of the students in this school district, but the surnames of the officers on the school board were: Smith, Cummings, Stewart, Earhart, Turnice, Stephens, Montgomery, Ward, Newman, and Vaughn. It stands to reason that their children attended the school.



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