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Black School - District 25 - Meade Center Township

Black school was organized May 8, 1886, on land belonging to Moses Black, which was the SW/4 of the SE/4 of Sec. 35-T32-R28.

In 1916, District #25 was consolidated with District #35 to form District #69. The buildings were sold at pubic auction in August of that year. To further confuse things, this building was moved to District #68, just a mile east of the Black School location.

The photo above is of teacher Emma Veatch with several students sometime around 1913-1915.  

This cut from the 1909 Meade County Plat Map shows the location of the Black School... we don't know exactly where Touszlin was, but it was in the NW/4 of Sec. 36.

Touzalin was formed in 1885, and only last three years.

This cut from a modern-day map shows the school in relation to the town of Meade and other schools in the area.

Note the location of District #69 (Good Hope)... this was the school the Black School consolidated into in 1916.

We do not have a complete list of students of the Black school, but the surnames of those we know are: Black, Campbell, Dick, Friesen, Garden, Harms, Loewen, Louer, McPheter, McQueen, Reiman, Tatkenhorst, Thiessen, and Tuxhorn. This school, which organized in 1886, would have expanded quickly in about 1909 and later when the Mennonite community started to grow in the area southeast of Meade. This population growth made for a lot of changes in the rural schools.

Teachers that we know of:

Black Moses 1886
Keith Elizabeth  1889
Judd Rhoda  1891
Bodie Lucretia  1892
McGaffin Cora  1893-94
Veatch Emma  1913-16
Jenkins Sadie (unknown)
McCarter Jim (unknown)
DeCow Florilla (unknown)
Palmer Mary (unknown)
Martin Kate (unknown)
Read the story of Moses Black written by his daughter, Florence. She tells of her time growing up in early Meade County and has some delightful stories about the education her father insisted she have.

The August 10, 1916, issue of the Meade Globe: School House For Sale
School house Dist. 25, 6 miles south 1/2 mile east of Meade with contents and outbuildings will be sold at Auction August 21, 1916, to the highest bidder. A.K. Froes, District Clerk, Meade, Kansas.
(we know the main building went to Dist. 68, perhaps this sale was just for the rest.)

The September 21, 1916, issue of the Meade Globe: New School Houses
Dist. 68: 30x34; dist. 42: 28x32; dist. 31: 28x40; dist. 69: 28x34.




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