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Angell School - Dist. 15 - West Plains Township
aka Abbott School

The Angel School was established April 26, 1886, on land belonging to A.V. Angell. It was first held in a sod house, but later the little schoolhouse at left was built.

The school disorganized March 31, 1921 and consolidated with Dist. #16 (Plains.)

The school was located on the SE/4 of NE/4 of Sec. 31 T32-R29, the Angell home was just a quarter mile south of the school.

Surnames of students attending the Angell School were: Abbott, Angel, Atkinson, Bachman, Calhoun, Hickey, Lawson, Malone, Murphy, Myers, and Plotner.


This map taken from the
1909 Plat Book shows
Dist. #15 as well as
where the school
was located.

Singley, Rosetta 1890-91
Wells, Walter 1891-92
Snare, Julia 1893-94
Vaught, G. L. 1904-05
Dalgarn, Kay 1913-14
Andis, May 1914-15
Bender, Anna 1915-16
Stiles, Ira D. 1916-17
Murphy, Esther 1917-20
Kinsinger, Lila 1920-21


This modern-day map shows the
Angell School in relation to other
rural schools, Plains, an the Meade State Lake.


    Abbott School, Dist. 15, March 11, 1914. (on the slate the girl in front is holding)
Some of the names: Roy Hickey, May Hickey, Ethel Malone, Ollie Malone, Eva Abbott, Ruth Abbott Charlie Myers


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