March 28, 2017: Looks like I haven't posted for awhile, but I have been busy on the rural schools. I have added Dist 27, Lakeview, Dist 29 and Prosperity witch is Dist 30... I must be about half-way through! It's been a lot of fun working on the schools and I have learned a LOT! We are still looking for pictures and school souvenirs from all the rural schools, so let us know if you have something we don't have.

February 21, 2017: Hi History Lovers! I'm back in the swing of things and hoping I can pay a little bit more attention to the website. I just made some changes to the Belle Meade School page. Larry is going through all the Meade County obits one by one looking for veterans information. He left me a copy of the obit from Iva Grim Stalder who had attended, and later taught at, Belle Meade. It was a great little story and clarified some facts about the school... mainly pinpointing it's two different locations and the fact that it disappeared for a little while. So... I changed the map... changed the page... and added Iva's story at the bottom. Time to get to work on the next school!

January 21, 2017: Wow... it's been awhile since I posted. We have been busy planning the Annual Meeting and Banquet for the Historical Society to be held February 4th in Plains. This is always an exciting time... be sure and join us!

October 25, 2016: Ever forward... I just finished Sunny Dale School, District #26. Whew! This was a big one... this school was one of the last ones to close in Meade County and has quite a history. Enjoy.

October 11, 2016: Greetings history lovers! If you haven't gotten your fill of the old country schools, I have a new one for you... the Black School, District #25. I also tweaked some of the other school district files with information from the sale bills when they were sold out. Larry had been in the newspaper microfilm and printed a bunch of the ads out as well as some news articles that told who got some of the buildings. These include Fairview, Five Mile, Longview & Stone.

September 27, 2016: I found another school district that didn't have a common name, but apparently existed for awhile. This school was two miles north of the town of Pearlette in Fowler Township. Don't have much but check it out.

September 21, 2016:Been working on rural schools again. This time I posted Century School, District #23. Alma found one of Arlie Friesen's articles from the 1990"s... Arlie was a student at Century and wrote a delightful little story about his days there.

September 15, 2016: Working on still more country schools. Just posted Valley Grove or Minerva School, District #22. Check it out!

September 7, 2016: I've been working on the next rural school... District #21, Stone Shool. This was fun for me for the German Lutheran people that settled what was known as the "Irish Flats" were my people. This original little building is still there... I guess when these folks built a school they built it to last!

August 30: Been adding to the school file... our dear friend, Alma Regier, was the teacher at Fairview in 1956-57, and she shared two more great photos with us... check them out at the bottom of the page.

August 27: I just posted another school, this one is the Blair-Graham School, District #14. This school eventually turned into the Plains grade school, but operated as a rural school until they started busing students to Plains in the early 1920's. The history is somewhat short, be do have one on this little school. I also finished with the Angell School, District #15. I hope you're enjoying the school stories... sure is fun!

August 23, 2016: Hello history lovers... I have a great new post for you! David Todd, who is the husband of Linda Cheney, is the Cheney family's "historian." He just sent us a great story on the Blizzard of 1948. The two girls who met their fate in that blizzard were Linda's aunts, and David used several family stories and newspaper accounts to create a very touching story of that chilling event. Well worth the read.

August 16, 2016: My how time flies! Looks like I haven't posted for awhile. I just got through updating the cemetery files for the three major Meade County cemeteries: Meade, Plains and Fowler. I've been working on the Angell School, but I'm not quite done. Stay tuned.

July 27, 2016: I just read a great article that Larry had typed up for us by E.E. Innis. I have put this story in the family files. This really cleared up some things for me on the schools... especially the school called the Randloph or "Lickskillet" school. I had them as Grandview, but they were actually names associated with the Highland school. I had to make some changes to those school's pages. This new-found knowledge also gave me a photo for the Highland school. I highly recommend the Innis story... great history!

July 6, 2016:I've been working on schools again. I just posted Grandview, Dist. !2. This school was about 4 miles south and 1 mile west of Fowler. I also posted District 13, a school district that only lasted a few years.

June 15, 2016:Wow... don't know where May went! I added the Highland rural school today. Highland was about 5 miles south of Fowler. We don't have any photos of this school... if anyone out there does, we would sure appreciate getting one. :)

April 12, 2016: I just added a cute old clipping from the Meade newspaper in 1945. It pictures all the rural school teachers of that year. Katherine Borger gave the clipping to Alma Regier who gave it to the Museum. Katherine (Blehm) Borger is one of the teachers.

April 6, 2016: I added another school today, Atwater... District #8. This school (and town) was a coupe of miles south of the lake... right on the west side of Hwy 23. This school ran right up to 1946, but we only have one old photo of it. Sure would like to find more.

March 22, 2016: I just posted Longview School... District #7. This school is really a mystery... it was Longview, Clearlake and Seminary... does anyone know what the difference was?

March 8, 2016: Well I just posted another rural school. This is District #5, Five Mile School. We don't know much about this school and if we have a photo, we don't have it identified. In doing this story I find that Vashti Painter (Seybert) went there... wish I would have known that earlier... I'm sure she could have identified the photo!

February 16, 2016: Wow.. I've been a.o.l. for awhile from the website. I spent some of January in the hospital so that's my excuse! I just posted some photos on the Fowler Hospital page. Merle Cheney brought these to me last year and I just never got them posted. Would love to see some photos of this house "back in the day."

I also just created a map for the South Kleine Gemeinde Cemetery... something we didn't have before. We will be taking a History Tour on April 23rd to all the little cemeteries in the southern half of Meade County... should be very interesting.

December 22, 2015:Well... Christmas is almost here and 2015 is about to come to an end. It has been a very good year for recording more of Meade County History. I would like to wish all my readers a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let's make 2016 even better

December 2, 2015: Well.. I just got finished with District #4... Jasper/Missler school. I may take a break on schools now until after the first of the year. Next up is Dist. #5, Five Mile or Butler School... so if you have any photos or stories about this school, please let us know at the Museum. We have nothing in our photo album of this school but one little souvenir folder.

November 25, 2015: I started to work on another rural school... which (again) led me to work on the ghost town first. This one is Jasper/Collingwood/Missler... a town that took several tries to get started, but lasted well into the 1930's. Maybe now I can get started on Dist. #4 Jasper school.

November 23, 2015: Whew! One phone call from Alma and I end up updating SIX cemetery databases! I got them all posted so you will find completely updated: Fowler, McCauley, EMB/Countryside, Emmanuel, Graceland & South Kleine Gemeinde.

Here's wishing you all a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

October 31, 2015: Happy Halloween! I just posted the Museum Newsletter that went out in the mail this week... the advantage to viewing it here is it's in full color! Have you liked us on Facebook? I just posted a photo of the event we had there last week when the Meade Jr. High kids came and put on a reenactment of the orphan train. Look us up and be our "Friend!"

October 30, 2015: I just updated the Plains Cemetery... I couldn't believe it had been over a year since I updated the database, I know there have been lots of changes since then!

We had some excitement at the Sunny Dale School just north of the Museum yesterday... Martha Friesen's Meade Jr. High class reenacted a scene from the Orphan Train. It was great.. and great to see so many people in the old school. Just goes to show one of the many uses for the school, I hope others see the potential.

October 14, 2015: Well Alma came by the Museum today and we updated the McNulty
page a little. She added some teachers names for me and we got some of the others straighten out. I don't know what we would do without Alma!

We were wondering about one of the teachers we added by the name of Pearl Hughes. We added her because Alma had her mother's report cards from McNulty and Pearl was her teacher one year. We noticed there was also a Susie Hughes who taught at the school and a quick search of obituaries told us that Susie Hughes was Pearl's mother! So Pearl was undoubtedly raised in Meade County. The trail got hotter when Susie's obit told us that she was widowed early in life and hand to raise her four daughters alone... it said she devoted 26 years of her life to teaching in rural schools. She had a homestead in Sec. 33-33-26 and apparently lived there until she moved from the area in 1922.

I'm sure I will notice Susie's name if I find her teaching in any other school as I add them one by one to the site. This is so much FUN!!

September 26, 2015: Just got another Rural School finished. This one is Dist.#3, McNulty School. This school went for a long time... I wish we had a little more on its early history.

September 16, 2015: Well I got the Belle Meade School story done today. We don't have a lot on this school and we are always looking for more information!

September 9, 2015: I started on the Belle Meade school today and then got off on Belle Meade the ghost town, and that's all I got completed. I don't work at the museum for awhile so I thought I would go ahead and post the ghost town story.

September 8, 2014: I've been working on the rural schools since we are about to get the old Sunny Dale schoolhouse completed... on the outside at least. I decided to start at the front of my files and work my way back so I have just completed Wilburn School which was actually a joint district with Ford County. While researching the school I decided to research the ghost town of Wilburn and went ahead and made a page for it. Whew! just 61 schools to go.

August 19, 2015: Been doing some updating today! I posted a new article on the old National Hotel. It was torn down when they built the Lakeway. Quite interesting... if anyone has any more information on this old hotel please let me know.

I also updated all three Cemetery databases: Meade, Plains & Fowler. We have done a lot of work on all three of these and it had been awhile since I posted new versions.

August 3, 2015: There have been lots of family reunions this summer and we love that at the Museum because we can always glean a little more family history from those folks. One reunion this summer was the Gillen family and Alma spent some time with them and got their family tree all organized. Another reunion was the Cheney family who had shared many photos with us years ago. This year they brought us a lovely published book by David Todd, Lynda's husband and the family historian. David also wrote us a short version for the website and I put them in the index of stories page under "Families." If you are in the Museum... check out the photo pages of the Cheney family in the lobby. They were big ranchers east of Meade.

Don't forget the Chuckwagon Dinner Theatre next Saturday, August 8th, Dalton Hideout Park!

July 17, 2015: I just posted information about this year's melodrama at the Hideout Park. Big treat... this year Norman Dye is going to do a CHUCKWAGON! If you haven't had Norman's grub... you are in for a treat. The melodrama promises to be great entertainment... and I'm not just saying that because my granddaughter is playing the fair damsel... it's always a lot of fun.

More news on the Lakeway... it sounds like a done deal now, it was in the local paper that Loves Country Store chain has the property under contract.

July 8, 2015: Wow, looks like my Lakeway story caused quite a stir on social media! People are outraged that someone would tear down the old hotel. I suppose that's progress... and yes, progress happens even in Meade! I'm now told that it's not a "done deal" though... so maybe there's hope. I just added a scan at the bottom of that story of a stock certificate for the Meade Hotel Company that Larry Lemaster brought in. Cool.

June 30, 2015: Little did I know while I was writing the history of the Lakeway Hotel, it was being sold! I had to revise the end of my story and I realize now that my story tells the entire history of the Lakeway Hotel... nevermore will it stand as a reminder of our past. Is this the fate of our whole downtown? I hope not.

June 24, 2015: I've been working on the story of the Lakeway Hotel. I went ahead and posted it on my index of stories page. Now I'm trying to get a great story about the old National Hotel typed in... this Hotel was in the same spot and was torn down in order to build the Lakeway in 1928. Great stuff!

May 6, 2015: What happened to April? We've been really busy... but that's bad to loose an entire month! We just spent last weekend at the Kansas Sampler Festival in Wamego, KS... had a great time and told lot's of people about Meade County. LaDonna Meyers went with me and we sold history books including her book, Cimarron Chronicles. It's always fun to say.. "I have the author here.." She sells lots of books. Follow the link to see some photos and read about our trip. Big thanks to Carolyn Meredith for providing the photos!

March 25, 2015: I just added a link to Ron Reimer's site on the Cemeteries page under the Emmanuel Cemetery listing. He went ahead and put the listings on like they had it before. Gives you even more options to explore in those three cemeteries down south of Meade. One advantage of these listings is that the women are listed under their maiden names. If you are used to this, you might like his better.

Today I have been working on a story about the Congregational Church of Crooked Creek. This was the first Church in Meade County and I can't find ANY history on it. Well... that bugs me so I'm on the search. If anyone has something to contribute... please share.

March 11, 2015: I am so glad to be done with Cemeteries for awhile. I finally got the Emmanuel Mennonite Church Cemetery database and map done today. Time to move on to other projects.

March 10, 2015: More cemetery updates. I now have the EMB/Countryside Bible Church Cemetery database and map on the Cemeteries Page. For those of you used to the old database, please be aware that this one is formatted with the women listed under their married name (or if they were married more than once the name they died with) this is a little different than the old database I had linked to. I'm working on the Emmanuel database now and will post it as soon as I finish. I also put links on Elsie Chapel Cemetery... don't know why I had never done that.

February 24, 2016: My work continues on the Cemeteries page... I owe a thanks to my brother, Glen, for a new Plains Cemetery map! Wow... check it out and be sure to go to the second page. He got this out of shooting a photo of the directory with his new iphone.

I'm working on the EMB Church Cemetery database now... 'bout half done. Hope to have it up soonb,.

February 18, 2015: Hi Folks! I've been working on cemeteries again... the lady that was maintaining the databases online of the Mennonite cemeteries just up and quit which made my links bad on the Cemetery page. She sent us the lists which we will eventually get into databases at the Museum that we can easily update. The only one I have converted so far is the Kleine Gemeinde Cemetery... it is very small and probably won't have any additional graves. Just know that I am working on this and will get something up as soon as I can.

December 3, 2014: Once again, I'm appalled at how long it's been since I posted on the website! What can I say.

I have just updated my Atwater Cemetery file. Ed Hissom came by the Museum yesterday and gave me some corrections and as I was making the changes I realized that I had never compared the database to the photos of the gravestones I took last time I was out there. Needless to say the database got several updates and now I need to make another trip to add some locations. It just never ends! LOL

The alumni of the Meade Bible Academy had a reunion this fall and it was very well attended. It has stirred several people up to get some history recorded... music to my ears. I hope to have some good stuff soon.

We also continue work on the rural schools of Meade County... we're looking for photos and stories on any of them... just sayin'. Catch you later!

September 24, 2024: Wow... it's been awhile since I posted. I am working on a history of the Web Masonic Lodge in Meade and I need some photos I don't have. I'm looking for decent portraits of: William Jobling (older), Jess E. McKinney Sr, V Russell Murphy, W.W. Pressly, John Russel, D.B. Stutsman, Harry Sweet, C.E. Tally, Leamon Wadley, Judge John H. Randolph, C.A. Marrs, and George W. Wehrle (older). I'll welcome any help I can get.

I've been working on a lot of photos at the Museum. We have separated them all into categories but now comes the task of logging them, scanning them, protecting them, fining them, etc. It seems overwhelming at times, but it sure is fun to go through all the old Meade County photos.

August 13 2014: It's coming right up... don't miss the MELODRAMA this Saturday at the Dalton Hideout Park! Get details on the Dalton Hideout events page. They've been working real hard on it... it's FREE.. and a lot of laughs. Marshal Bailey and Cowgirl Jane will be there to host the event. I can't wait! (my granddaughter in the lead role might have something to do with that...LOL)

August 5, 2014: I revised the Graceland Cemetery database today... for those of you who keep up with such things. Alma Regier, Jeanette Friesen and I work on it constantly and we still find corrections. If you have any... let us know.

July 23, 2014: Well.. the cast has been chosen and practice is underway for the 2014 Crooked Creek Theatre melodrama. I'm proud to say my granddaughter, Rebecca, is playing the "damsel" and her boyfriend, Sean, is playing the "hero"... so I've got a lot of interest in it. I posted the poster for this years show on the Dalton Hideout Events page.

July 8, 2014: I have just added the history of Meade Manufacturing to the "Index of Stories" page. This is an important history that needs to be preserved. If anyone can add to the story... give me personal antidotes... correct what I have written... anything... PLEASE feel free to contact me!

The script has been chosen and the melodrama cast for the "Crooked Creek Theatre" and practice is underway. I can't wait to see what they come up with this year!

July 1, 2014: Just posted information about the Crooked Creek Theatre! This year's melodrama will be August 16th at the Hideout Park. Still looking for talent for anyone interested in being a "player."

June 18, 2014: Well, been working on the site today. I added a tab at the top of each page for Maps. I had these maps on the site from before, but I guess I never had a link to them! Meade County changed a lot in the beginning. I'm now going to search at the Museum and see if I can find maps with the different configurations of the county. I'm also working on a accurate map of our ghost towns. Still need to hit the courthouse and check some of those locations before I call that one done, but I posted it anyway.. I love maps... don't you?

June 4, 2014: Wow... a long journey comes to an end. I finally got my Graceland Cemetery file updated! Alma and I have been working on this a couple of months. First I walked the entire cemetery and photographed every stone... then I renamed the stone pics by last name first name and used these photos to update the database. We have narrowed down the entries without locations down to 42 out of 2947 graves.... not bad! Check it out here.

NOW we are going to print out a list sorted by location and walk the cemetery again and check it one last time before we come up with some way of putting it out there for folks to use.

I also posted a better map for Graceland... one that can print out on one page... handy to mark your location and easily take it with you to the cemetery.

May 7, 2014: My, it's been awhile since I posted! We've been to the Kansas Sampler Festival in Wamego with a booth promoting Meade County. I sold lots of books and talked to lots of Kansans.

I've been walking Graceland Cemetery and taking a photo of each stone. This has been extremely helpful in checking our database for the cemetery. We have found mistakes and omissions in the database and hope to have it really up to date soon. I'm on my last block.

February 12, 2014: Well.. the annual banquet is history now and perhaps I can turn my attention to other things. I just noticed that my "Museum" page was messed up so have been working on that. I am working on a report on the annual meeting and will post that soon. We didn't get to see the reinactment on the Jim Herron story because one of the actors was sick, so they have committed to doing it at the Museum at a later date. We will post here and on our facebook page when that happens. Stay tuned.

I took off the email newsletter link on this page... let's face it folks, I never get around to sending that out, and I hate to have folks wondering about it. The older I get the more I realize it have limits... something I never considered at 20, 30, or even 40!

January 15, 2014: Be sure and join us for the Meade County Historical Society Annual Banquet if you can... it will be February 1, 2014, 6:30 pm, at the community building in Plains. Tickets are $12.50 and are available at the Museum... (620) 873-2359. Your ticket will get you a great meal and our entertainment this year is a couple of local history reinactors performing the saga of Jim Herron and Jack Rhodes... two dudes tried in Meade in 1893 for cattle rustling. Read Herron's story here.

November 5, 2013: Just posted a map of the Plains Cemetery on the "cemeteries" page. I still have a lot of work to do on it, but at least it's something. :)

October 30: I just got the nicest comment from a reader:

As a transplanted Kansan and Fowler being my hometown. I have placed this website in my "favorite file" thank you for your hard, but interesting work for the rest of us to enjoy.  My brother, Max had found this, so we have been playing kind of "Where is What?" Four of us grew up in Fowler, along with 2 deceased older brothers.  Our family name is Routon, and my married name is Frazier, Yes, I married the grandson of Lynn Frazier.
Again, thanks.   Ruby Routon Frazier

October 29, 2013: Just updated the Graceland Cemetery database... we are really keeping this one up to date now that all the background work is done.

Just received a shipment of a new book! I recently developed a coloring book for the Dalton Gang Hideout. It's geared to the 4th grade and under crowd, but tells the Hideout story in pictures. Available on

October 15, 2013: Just posted the MCHS Newsletter if you like to keep up with the Museum in Meade. I also got a map finished of the Fowler cemetery and posted it on our Cemetery page.

October 2, 2013: Still working on Cemeteries! Now I have created a map of Meade County with all the cemeteries marked. Find a link at the top of the cemetery page. This map has the towns and roads as well as section-township-ranges marked... which should make it easy to follow. I am told of other small family plots, but I will have to be shown where they are to put them on the map... let me know. (This map is in a PDF... it is a little over-sized, but prints out fine on a 8.5 x 11 sheet.)

September 19, 2013: Just update the cemetery page with new databases for Plains, Meade, and Fowler. I hadn't done this since July and a I know we have made a lot of changes since then. Thanks to all of you who email me with corrections!! We want to be correct.

August 15, 2013: Sorry, Folks, I've been pretty much MIA on the blog this summer! We have been busy working on DALTON DAYS! I just got this year's poster posted on their page... check it out and mark your calendar for September 21 & 22... lots to do in Meade that day.

Here at the Museum on Sept. 21, we will be hosing Grady Birdsong. Grady used to live in Meade (class of '63) and has recently written a book about his Kansas pioneer ancestors. He is going to talk to us about how he did that and publishing options for family histories. You are invited... 2:00 pm at the Museum in Meade!

July 6, 203:Just got cemetery files caught up for Meade, Plains and Fowler. Whew!

Alma had picked up where Frances left off and with the help of many people in Fowler really got that database in shape. Especially helpful were Ruby Deaver and Brian Finke. We are still working on the others, but people have sent in corrections and we have added folks, so I updated them as well.

June 28, 2013: Well.. folks, don't faint! I actually posted a new page on the site. It's all about cow chips and how we used them for fuel in the old days... sounds like a strange topic, but I ran across an old poem that I had printed in the "Home Town" magazine years ago and thought it should be on-line for all to enjoy. I'm working many days in a row at the Museum this month... so who knows... might get a lot posted.

We have a great new book in the gift shop at the Museum. It's called "Family Maps of Meade County Kansas." I have already been pouring through this book. It lists all the land patents and homesteads and shows them on beautifully simple land maps. We also purchased a nice spiral bound copy as well as a copy of the Ford County book to have in the Museum library for research.

June 20, 2013: Wow... it's been awhile since I posted. I've had time off from the Museum this summer and that's where all my "stuff" is now. Keep up with the Museum and all that is happening at their Face Book page: Meade County Historical Museum.

I'm working on the story of the American Sugar Company... something that came up when researching Willis George Emerson for my e-book: "Buell Hampton." (The e-book is finally available for purchase at It's a novel written in the early 1900's that takes place in MEADE! The story is a little "hokey" for this day and age, but it contains real history and real characters, so well worth the read.) ANYWAY... Emerson was a mover and a shaker in Meade County in those days until he backed the American Sugar Company... after it's demise he left town and moved to Utah where he became a famous miner, orator and writer. It may be fall before I get this story posted, but it will be worth the wait.

April 26, 2013: Just updated my "Links" page... whew! some of them were just gone. If anyone has a link that would interest my Meade County history buffs... send it to me.

This weekend... April 27.... is an event to benefit the Meade County Historical Society... Bake Off at High Noon, noon to 5:00, at the Hideout Park. I think we will have tons of fun!

If you've been following the Museum on Face Book, you know that we recently lost our co-worker and Board member, Frances Elffner. We really miss her at the Museum. We have been receiving nice memorials for her and we hope to do something to honor her and her work here. She got our Library all up-to-date and organized and worked tirelessly on the database for the Fowler Cemetery... where she will forever rest in peace.

April 25, 2013: I have to mention once again... if you ask me a question with the above "COMMENT" button, I get your question but not your email address... you have to add that if you want an email answer. :)

April 12, 2013: Well, friends, we have been working on the Fowler Cemetery data file and I have posted our latest version. We still have dates to format and a few blanks, but Frances and Alma have done wonders with this file. We will welcome any changes or improvements... you know your family best. Use the "COMMENT" button above, or email us from the "About Us" tab if you find any changes. We so appreciate your input on anything on the site.

March 13, 2013: Posted a new version of the Graceland database today. Alma and I work on this all the time, but I just have to pause occasionally and update the site. Recently I heard from Douglas Sullivan, wanting to give me corrections on the Adams family. What a challenge! We have several Adams families and TWO Isabelle Adams. I recently got all the obits through 1999 on PDF files so I went to them to verify my information. It was nice to not have to leave my computer. We will have DVDs of these files for sale at the Museum soon.

March 5, 2013: Much excitement around the Museum! We will have an event called the "Sorenson Brothers Band" on Monday evening April 1st. Conner, Nathan and Garth Sorenson return to Meade where their Dad was once a preacher at the First Baptist Church. They asked if they could come back and play and sing for us... we said "YES!" and worked it out for the Monday after Easter. We've yet to set the exact time.

BAKE OFF AT HIGH NOON is planned for April 27th, in conjunction with Trash & Treasures Day in Meade. It will be a fund-raising event for the Historical Society which is co-sponsored by J. Basil Dannebahm and the Meade Chamber of Commerce. So... get out your best recipes and join the Bake Off at high noon April 27th!

February 21: My.. it's been awhile! Sorry folks, I'll try to do better. I recently added a new MAP OF RURAL SCHOOLS to the site... go to the Rural School page and find the link. When I looked at the page I realized all the work I have ahead of me making pages for each of these schools. On the map... you will find it is a modern-day county map complete with road numbers and letters and roads and towns. The map is on a PDF so you can save it to your own computer and print it out if you like. We have a wonderful photo album at the Museum where we are placing all the photos of the rural schools arranged by district number. We WELCOME photos of all schools if you care to share!

January 16: I just updated the Graceland Cemetery database AGAIN. Want to keep that up to date. I have also started to make an index in an Excel file for the Obit books from 1879 through 1909... we will soon have a master file where we can search on the computer all the obits we have. My trouble is... I'm going along putting the names in and I have to stop and read the obits of some of the old familiar names I have run into in my work over the years. You wouldn't believe the murders and suicides, etc. there were in the early years! This would seem like work if it wasn't so much FUN!

January 12, 2013: Ok.. back to work... holiday is over... new year. Alma and I just got done updating the Graceland Cemetery database. She has been working on it for quite some time. When you go to the "Cemeteries" tab and click on the Graceland database you will now see the same list I have on the Museum computer. We have finished the 20th century with our obituary books, so if you are looking for an obit... just email... we should have it.

Hope you've been following us on Face Book! (Search Meade County Historical Museum.) I have been using it to update Museum news. Can't say as I've been working on the web site over the holidays but a have a pile a mile high to work through... so stay tuned.

December 22, 2012:  I just updated the "Week at the Museum" page for the last time. Alas, the Prairie Sun has ceased to publish. I will concentrate my Museum news now on our Face Book Page... Meade County Historical Museum. I hope all my fans of "Week" will go there to keep up with what is happening at the Museum.

Not only did the paper shut down, but we lost an employee at the Museum. Janae Rempel has been working there since 2005. I am trying to take up her mantle updating the obituary books, and I MISS HER so much already! We are currently working in 1999... most of these people I have known... kinda sad, but just a reminder that history is important... we need to record it while we can. On the bright side, I will be at the Museum an extra day now so maybe OMC will benefit with more content. Stay tuned!

December 12: I've added the town of Byers to my ghost town stories... and already had Nye, which really wasn't a town but a post office. I've been working at the Museum and hopping from one story to another, not getting anything finished.

Have you been following us on Face Book? Our page is Meade County Historical Museum, and I have been posting some photos and making regular comments on there. If you do Face Book, be sure and "like us" so we can add you as a friend.

December 8: Posted a short story on one of our Ghost Towns today... Atwater. It contains a cute story about how that town was named. I put an index of the Ghost Towns on the index of stories page and hope to write something up on each of them.

December 3, 2012: I just got the "Week at the Museum" page updated... I was kind of behind there! Been keeping up with our Facebook page? I've been posting to it occasionally and adding some photos of things going on at the Museum. Go to Facebook and search Meade County Historical Museum.

I'm done with my new ebook "Buell Hampton" and should get it posted to my book site today.... You will have to read this one on the computer or a tablet as it is in PDF format... I even copied it over to my smart phone. It's a novel that takes place in Meade in the 1890s. In the preface the author explains which characters are real and what events actually took place. We have seen several history accounts that referred to this book as being a good description of actual history... one such event is a prairie fire that is just bizarre.

I'm learning more about the author, Willils George Emerson, every day. This week R.M. Painter's great granddaughter came by and told me that R.M had written a lot about Willis because they were great friends. She said she would share with me... I'm looking forward to that. 

November 11, 2012:  Just posted a revised database for Plains Cemetery on the Cemeteries page. We have Alma Regier to thank for these revisions, she is using obituaries and her own Meade County database. Thanks Alma.

November 8, 2012: I just made a little database for the Plains View Mennonite Cemetery and added it to the Cemeteries page. This cemetery just has two graves so far, but we expect it to grow in years to come.

We had a good turnout for "Night at the Museum" in Meade. Lots of fun and good company.

November 4, 2012:  OK.. I went to the Kansas Museum Annual Conference and took a lot of classes. One of them was on Face Book. They told me if we wanted to reach anyone under 40 we should have a page. So, now we have one. If you do Face Book, search Meade County Historical Museum and check out our page. Be sure and become a fan and stay up on what is happening behind the scenes at the MCHS Museum.

November 4, 2012: Just got my "Week at the Museum" page caught up. Whew!

November 3, 2012: I can't believe it's November already. It kinda "snuck up" on me. I'm crazy busy now getting ready for an event at the Museum. November 7..NEXT WEDNESDAY... we are having "Night at the Museum" where we are going to light the place just like our forefathers would have. So 7;00 to 10:00 pm... come by the Museum if you're around Meade, and walk through... I hope it will be an experience to remember. We will have some "period" folks around to greet you and offer you cider and cookies. It'll be fun... come on by!!

October 10, 2012: Just got "Week at the Museum" caught up on the website... wow, I was a few weeks behind. I know many members of the Meade County Historical Society read this blog... so I just want to say a word of THANKS for all the great donations. Since I put out the newsletters donations have been pouring in and we can really use them this year.

October 7, 2012: I just added a page on old Meade County Post Offices. Some of these turned into towns and some just disappeared, but this list was in a booklet which contained all the post offices in Kansas early on. At the museum I found an old certificate from Frank H Hitchcock, Postmaster General of the United States, which declares Wilbern C. Ebersole as postmaster of Helen, Meade County, Kansas. I had never even heard of this PO, but there it was on the list! Cool.

October 1, 2012: Just got through posting the Meade County Historical Society Annual Newsletter on the Museum page as well as getting the "Week at the Museum" page caught up. I've been gone for awhile and got a little behind on website posting! Stay tuned.

September 22, 2012: A couple of changes on the "Cemeteries" page... Just posted Alma Regier's corrections to the Plains Cemetery file. Alma has gone in and added all the Fathers-Mothers-Spouses she has found... something the Plains file did not have before. We also did quite a bit of updating to the Graceland Cemetery file so I posted it anew. I would like to once again remind you... if you find any corrections that need to be made, please let us know!!!

September 4, 2011: I just updated my "Week at the Museum" for those who are following along. I found a great deal last week on the photographer, Roscoe Gerow.... will post a page on him soon. Another photographer who was in Meade for a loooong time was William Backe. I have a good file on him, too. Stay tuned.

August 26, 2012: Hi Folks, have just updated my "Week at the Museum" page.

I recently got an email from Morgan Williams who has connections with Plains. I corresponded with Morgan years ago about Meade County photos. He just found OMC and wants to contribute some of his photo collection!!! Morgan is especially interested the the photographers who signed their photos; Day Photo, Dale Photo, and R.S. Gerow. If anyone knows any information about these photographers, please let me know. It would be good to document when they were here.

August 4, 2012: I've been away from the Museum for a week, so not much has been done on OMC. I did update my "Week at the Museum" today and posted several corrections to the McCauley Cemetery PFD file. Please let me know if you catch anything on any of the files in OMC that need correcting. Thanks!

July 21, 2012: Still working on cemeteries. I just posted the database for the West Glendale Friends Cemetery south of Plains. Would as always appreciate any additional information or corrections. I need to go down there and take some photos... I know Brian Hantla and I went there once, but I don't think I photographed every stone. Having those pictures of the stones sure answers a lot of questions.

Also posted "Week at the Museum" update. Stay tuned.

July 12, 2011: Hi Folks... just posted the Stone School Cemetery database and map on the Cemeteries page. Whew! Glad to get this one done. Please let me know if you find any mistakes on any of these files. Thanks.

July 11, 2012: Got an interesting comment from the web last week... I'll copy below. If anyone has any information, let me know with the comment button above. I gave him the name of the Osgood Hotel, the Baptist Church and the Methodist. I'm checking when the churches were founded now. What about hotels... anyone know?

Glad to find your site. I am writing a western fiction story which takes place in Meade. I am needing to know if there was a church/or churches in Meade around 1890 which is the time frame of my story. Also, do you have the names of Hotels and saloons for that time period? Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, George Gurney

I also brought my Week at the Museum pages up to date today. Stayed tuned!

June 26, 2012:Well, I've still been working on cemeteries. I made a map of the Atwater Cemetery and now the database has a location for each grave and you can locate it easily on the map. I hope this makes it useful for people to locate graves. This little cemetery has lots of my relatives in it so it was a labor of love for me. I need to make one more trip down there to fill in some blanks, but I posted it anyway. We have a committee working on the Stone School Lutheran cemetery! I will get that posted as soon as they are done.

June 20, 2012: Added some more cemeteries to the page. Three are connected to churches... EMB, Emmanuel Mennonite, and Kleine Gemeinde cemeteries are links to another website, but the gal has a great listing and maps. We are working on the database for Stone school cemetery now and that will complete the list. I hope folks find these useful.

Also posted latest "Week at the Museum."

June 17, 2012: Well, I finally got some more of the cemetery databases posted. I do not have all the rural cemeteries here yet, but we are constantly working at the Museum to get these up to date and accurate. We welcome corrections and additions... so don't be shy!!!

I also posted last week's "Week at the Museum" article for those of you who follow that.

June 5, 2012: I was cleaning out my email inbox at the museum and I found an email to myself to mention this site: Kansas Wildflowers. If you are into wildflowers this site will provide a great resource! Also updated "Week at the Museum" page. I hope to have some more cemetery databases on the site soon. Stay tuned!

May 26, 2011: I Just posted a new "Week at the Museum" which gets me up to date. It's Memorial Day weekend and things are hopping at the Meade County Museum where I work. Here's wishing all my readers a good weekend and fun summer!

May 23, 2012: If any of you who have already read the Bonnie & Clyde story will be glad to know I've now gone back and proofed it... I couldn't believe how many typos it had! I found a letter or email in the file that claimed that this period of the outlaw's career were not recorded very well in history, so we might have something here that someone out there might like to know!

May 19, 2011: OK, folks, I have finally done it! I have keyed in most of the newspaper articles about the incident where Bonnie & Clyde and their gang stole a care in the Meade City Park. Whew! There is LOTS to read! Some of it may be a little redundant, but you can certainly get the whole picture on this web page. Enjoy.

May 18, 2011: All I did to day was post my "Week at the Museum" article. I have been busy working on that Bonnie & Clyde story... typing in the articles in the Meade papers. Lots of good stuff! I'll let you know when I get it posted.

May 13, 2012: Had a chance today to post a charming little story called "The Road to Freedom" that was given to me by LaDonna Meyers... someone had given it to her because it mentioned Doc Anshutz. It mentions several old timers in Meade County and I thought it was very good. I also put the family history of Capt. R. M. Painter in the family stories so I could link to the new story... it's something I've been going to do for a long time. Catch you later!

May 8, 2012: Hi Folks... just posted a couple of weeks on "Week at the Museum." I also updated the Graceland Cemetery file on the "Cemeteries" page. That's all I've got today, but stay tuned... I will working a little bit more from now through this fall so I am at the GOOD PLACE to find Meade County history!

April 25, 2012: Hello fellow history lovers! I just revamped the Dalton Days page... they built their own website so I linked to it and shortened mine a little. I also caught up Week at the Museum, and added our Graceland database to the Cemeteries page. I hope to add other cemeteries soon. I am trying to get them all into a database on the museum computer. I know you can access this information elsewhere but we constantly work on ours and I will update it once a month or so.

March 18, 2012: I'm working on the website today. I have posted a new map I created of Graceland Cemetery in Meade. We have been working on these cemeteries at the Museum and I want to post as much as I can. I started a new page called cemeteries. I also plan to catch up on my "week at the Museum" columns... that page was getting soooo long, I put 2011 and 2010 on their own pages and linked to them at the bottom of the current page. I also posted a new story Frances Elffner wrote about the flood of 1955. Whew! Lots going on!

January 29, 2012: Well, folks, I have a good excuse for not writing this time... I had heart surgery around Christmas and I'm just now getting back to work! I've been writing "Week at the Museum" at home some so haven't post for awhile. I hope to get that caught up soon.

In my recovery period I have had time to create some more note cards from Old Meade County photographs. You need to check them out on! They have sure forced me to do a little research and I will be posting the results to OMC soon.

I'm back to working at the Museum a little. I got this nice comment earlier this month:

My Great Grandfather was Henry Reno Smith, U.S. Marshal of Meade County. My Grandmother was Lola I Smith Parker, she was born 9/22/1919 and had a twin sister named Ola that died as an infant. Angie Cline Wichita, Kansas

I have a great photo of Henry Reno Smith, but it just says "marshal"... I didn't knew he was a U.S. Marshal.... this is just the sort of thing that gets me going... I'll have to find out about that! Take care and stay tuned.

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October 11, 2006: Well... I really goofed. I guess if you signed up for my email newsletter before about 6:00 PM today... you'll have to sign up again. I thought it was funny I wasn't getting any emails with sign-ups, but the button wasn't working right... I finally tested it and it didn't work. Sorry, but could you sign up again? Please? Thanks.

October 10, 2006: I posted the story of Meade County Opera Houses today. This time I just put the photos in the story since there were so few. Bonnie Elledge told me a real cute story the other day about her Dad, Earl Osborne. He got his nickname "ZieK" when he worked for Mr. Phelps at the Opera House. Seems he ran the curtain and during one of the plays when the curtain opened the line was "and here's Ziek now" ... well, Earl had some trouble with the curtain and ended up falling off his stool and tumbled onto the stage head first! After that Mr. Phelps always called him "Ziek." And now you know the rest of the story. :)

October 7,2006: Today I posted the history of Meade State Lake. This was an article I had written for "Home Town" magazine a few years ago... I had the photos on the site, but not the history... now both pages link to each other. I've had good feedback so far on the site. I'm excited.

October 6, 2006: Whew! Has making this website been a trip! My main concern was getting enough content on it initially so that it wouldn't be a disappointment at first visit.... I hope I have succeeded. If you can devour all this in a day or two... you have too much time on your hands.

You should see my parlor! I have stacks of old photos everywhere... one thing about it, this will make me get organized. I have been collecting this stuff for twenty years and, if nothing else, this website will make me get it all into the computer. Hopefully there will be a need for another Meade County History book to be published some day and having it all keyed in will be a real plus.

I just love this old stuff and it will be a joy for me to maintain this site. Please know that I will TOTALLY respect your privacy if you sign up for my email newsletter.... I hate spam more than anybody, and would never contribute to it.

And a final note.... a little encouragement goes a long way with me.... if you like the site, let me know. I welcome suggestions, story ideas, and lots of contributions. History's fun... let's share!